May 2014

Cultivating Social Skills

Today I am directing you to a recent post by Tali Berman Autism Specialist and Developmental Play Expert.
This is a topic relevant for many of my families and children.

Tali discusses the topics of 1.‘Cultivating Social Skills’ (22.5.14) and 2. ‘Friendship Readiness’. (8.5.14)

Click here for the link Topic 1
Click here for the link Topic 2

Happy reading!
Cheers Eva

Hannah Gamble Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Hello All

At the Healesville Early Year’s Network meeting today (Healesville Primary School) Hannah Gamble Paediatric Occupational Therapist gave a sensational presentation: SENSORY INTEGRATION & ITS EFFECTS ON LEARNING. Congratulations Hannah!

Hannah has a publication “Free To Be Me”.
If you would enjoy reading her book contact her directly @ email:
Mobile contact for referral is 0430 131 444

Her practice is named THRIVE Occupational Therapy for Kids.

I am linking the notes from today to this blog so that everyone can have an opportunity to read the information.

Model: Sensory Processing Disorder
Developmental Pyramid
Notes Sensory Integration & Its Effects on Learning
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
page 5
Page 6

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Speech Therapy FREE Worksheets

Log onto

Excellent free speech therapy resources.

Save on printing and work directly from your computer or iPad.
There are resources for both Articulation and Language.

This generous initiative assists children all over the world.
Have fun!


Bridge The Gap


Reneé Petherbridge-Lim
Speech Pathologist (B. App. Sc Speech Path, MSPA, CPSP)


Hello All,
Today I am posting a link to Renee’s excellent website and Blogs. I recommend you read her post from
March 23, 2014 entitled The Right App and To My Superstars is a wonderful tribute to the children we
work with daily..including myself! Renee kindly allowed me permission to cross-link to her Blog.
Thanks Renee from all of us in the Yarra Valley Victoria.
Cheers Eva